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Cervical Disc Replacement Risks and Success Rate in Portland, Oregon

What Are the Risks of Cervical Disc Replacement?

There are several risks to cervical disc replacement of which you should be aware. One of these is that the artificial disc could become loose or wear out. This has proven to be uncommon and there are less problems with artificial discs, in general, than anterior cervical fusions. Infection is a complication that can occur about 1% of the time. This may require further surgery, and / or antibiotics.

Another risk is that of damaging the vocal cords so that you may be permanently hoarse. That is very uncommon. Other potential complications are damage to the esophagus and arteries in the neck area. These are potentially very serious complications, which may lead to severe neurological complications, including paralysis; however, the incidence is extremely low. The risk of spinal fluid leak is 1% but can lead to a prolonged hospitalization while patients recover.

What is the Success Rate of Cervical Disc Replacement?

There is approximately a 90% chance you will benefit from the operation. There is a chance that the symptoms may be worse; however, those chances are slight.

When Should You Have Surgery?

Our overall advice for this type of surgery is the same for any other spine surgery, which is to live with the pain you are experiencing if you can. The reason for undergoing the operation is that the pain or weakness is making life so uncomfortable or difficult that you are willing to accept the chance of a result that is less that 100% successful.

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